Friday, July 10, 2009

Brianna & Derek's Wedding - June 20, 2009

Brianna & Derek's wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Brianna looked prettier than a model in a magazine... There is so much to talk about concerning their wedding... First, both families treated Connie and I so nice we almost forgot we were the photographers and was starting to think we were family (LOL).
Second, Brianna and Derek are really a special-special couple and are so much fun to be around, their excitement and love for each other was a joy to watch. The church they were married in was Genesis Church located in Bloomington, IN. across the street from the IU football stadium and the reception was in a dining area located under the stadium... what a cool place. As a matter of fact I took a picture of Derek hiking a football to Brianna in full wedding gear at the reception dinner (you will see that picture posted below).
The food was great at the rehearsal and reception dinner (amazing). Their first dance song was sang by two family members, it was awesome, everyone was tearing up with joy.
Connie & I wish you both a lifetime of God's blessings and His favor with much happiness and love... congratulations.